Welcome indeed to the totally revised and renewed website.
As a result of circumstances outside our control, the entire content of the first version has disappeared. Well, that turned out as an opportunity to create a new, and I think a better, version. There is certainly much more to see in this one.

In this website you will not learn about the telegraph and its apparatus. I have covered all of this in my second book, spread over 432 pages and illustrated with about 650 photos. It is free to download via HERE. That book is in Dutch, but the many images are in an international language.

So here you will find information especially around the many activities in and around my collection. It includes for example a series of my articles that have been published in the past in local and (especially) foreign magazines. Also, some of my main exhibits are brought alive here once more thanks to many photo shoots.

Some of the articles come in several languages, the rest is written in English. Years of experience have taught me that at least 95% of the visitors do understand English.

Should you require further information, I’m always available to help you if I can!

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Halle (B), march 2017